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Lisa Dent Gallery and Femina Potens Relocate

Printmaker Katie Gilmartin at City Art Cooperative Gallery

San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery Call for Proposals

Printmaker William Wolff at Warnock Fine Arts

Ceremonial Distribution of Food - Candice Lin

Candice Lin
Ceremonial Distribution of Food

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Updated July 19, 2007

     Lisa Dent Gallery is kicking off its fourth season with a move to Pacific Heights. The gallery's new home is 2101 Sacramento Street (at Octavia), #102, San Francisco, CA. The gallery will be open only by appointment during the summer while the new gallery is being set up. The fall exhibitions will include work by Candice Lin and Jon Brumit. San Francisco Art Magazine Co-editor Greg Borman's review of last summer's group show at Lisa Dent Gallery included the work of Candice Lin and can be viewed here. Check for additional information about Lisa Dent Gallery.

Femina Potens logo

The iconic great-grandmother of Femina Potens founder Tina Butcher

     Femina Potens Non Profit Arts Gallery and Performance Space, which features art and performances by women and transgendered artists, is moving to the more accessible and visible former location of Image Leather, 2199 Market Street (at Sanchez) in San Francisco's Castro District. Femina Potens' old San Francisco gallery location at 465 South Van Ness is accessed by stairs along the side of the building and the gallery has no display window space. The new Market Street location is on the street level and its corner location provides a significant amount of window space and pedestrian traffic. The grand opening on August 17th at 8 pm will be Sizzle featuring readings from Michele Tea and Inga Muscio and an artist reception on August 18th for Elliot Daughtery and Francesca Berrini. For more information on the opening and how you can help them with the move into the new gallery, check

     Katie Gilmartin is co-owner and co-operator of City Art Cooperative Gallery, 828 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA. I had first viewed the work of printmaker Katie Gilmartin when her series Queer Words was on display at Femina Potens. Each linocut diptych displays a play on words. Breeder depicts, on one side, a cowboy with his horse up for stud and, on the other side, a woman, man and their three children, i.e., the other kind of breeders. Bi Bye! has a cuddly threesome sitting on a fence on one side of the diptych while the other side shows us hands waving good-bye out the windows of a station wagon that has "ANYTHING THAT MOVES" bumperstickers plastered on the back. And Pearl Diving consists of two distintive interpretations of well, pearl diving.

Bi Bye! - Katie Gilmartin

Katie Gilmartin
Bi Bye!

     City Art Cooperative Gallery hosts a new art opening on the first friday of every month from 7 to 9 pm. Currently on display as part of this month's group show are two series by Gilmartin, one consisting of imagery paying homage to retro, lusty pulp novels. Gilmartin's imaginary oversized book covers are viscosity monoprints with titles such as Guerrero Girl Gang, Valencia Vamp, and Notorious (which has a teaser blurb: "Pleasure Was Her God, Lust Her Temple, and Sex - Her Sacrament"). Monotypes with chine-collé, which include printed affirmations and advice from Rumi, Anais Nin and Buffy Saint-Marie, make up the other series on display. Each has a quote to inspire you, laid out on a background of leaf patterns, reminding you to keep the true nature of life in perspective. A sensuous quote from Buffy Saint-Marie reminds us, "You have to sniff out joy: Keep your nose to the joy-trail."

     Katie Gilmartin also offers printmaking classes for linocut and monotype ($240 for either six session course) and a drawing class "for the Artistically Shy, Creatively Challenged, and Dextrously Doubtful" ($250 for the six session class). Email Gilmartin directly at for more information about the classes and to get on the class announcement list. Check for more information about Katie Gilmartin's art.

     If you are a local artist looking to show your work in San Francisco, City Art Cooperative Gallery could be your answer. The gallery is owned and operated by local artists. By joining, you make a small investment of your time and a membership fee, but you are poised to gain a lot in return by getting exposure on a highly trafficked block and benefiting from the gallery's built in marketing support. Check for more information about City Art Cooperative Gallery.

      Another opportunity for artists is San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery's current call for submissions for its Winter Workshop. In this exhibition, the selected artist, or group of artists, will use the gallery space (401 Van Ness at McAllister) as a studio/workshop. The artist(s) will also have use of equipment and promotional resources and be given a small budget. The proposed project must have a life beyond this exhibit. (It could be exhibited at another venue.) During the project's life at San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery the artist(s) will develop three programs to engage the public. Check the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery's web site for further details: The deadline for submissions is August 3rd.

William Wolff at Warnock Fine Arts

     If you like woodblock prints, you may be interested in checking out the work of a printmaker of local and historical importance, William Wolff (1922-2004), who has work on display at Warnock Fine Arts, 49 Geary Street, Suite 211, San Francisco, CA. Co-editor DeWitt Cheng, wrote in San Francisco Art Magazine in his 2002 review of the William Wolff retrospective at Saint Mary's College of California's Hearst Art Gallery, "Wolff, like many artists, dislikes orthodoxy and fixed hierarchies, and he refuses to put himself and his work into categories defined by others. That he is interested in religion as an artistic concern, that he has religious feelings in the broadest sense, of that there can be no doubt: his generosity, modesty and lack of egotism are bywords." The current exhibit of Wolff's work, Invisible City, can be viewed at Warnock Fine Arts until July 29th. Check for more information.

- Sheilah Boothby
     Sheilah Boothby is the publisher of San Francisco Art Magazine.

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Katie Gilmartin

San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery
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Warnock Fine Arts
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Images appear courtesy of Lisa Dent Gallery (photo of Ceremonial Distribution of Food by Wilfred J. Jones), Femina Potens, Katie Gilmartin, and Warnock Fine Arts.